Why We

Shree Krishna Petroleum was started by Vikas A Masand in year 2003 in the post area of Drive in Road with a skilled team of 20 people, the petrol pump has sen a huge growth in its customer base since its inception. the pump offers facilities like PUC, Nitrogen air filling, Puncture man, Servo lubricants, Xtra premium petrol apart from pure petrol and diesel with perfect quality and quantity measures. The pump has been awarded optimum usage of automation awards in year 2010, 2011, 2012 consequently by Indian Oil Corporation.

Our Vision

Started in 2003 by Vikas A Masand, Shree Krishna Petroleum is located in one of the premium areas of Ahmedabad. After running the petrol pump successfully for 15 years, he saw a growing demand of petrol and diesel in the city. In order to facilitate his bulk customer base, he developed the idea of setting up browsers which can deliver diesel at the customer doorstep. This saves precious time and money of the customers.

Save Time

No more waiting in long queues at fuel stations, Refuel wherever you are!

Save Environment

No more fuel spills and contamination due to improper carrying & storing fuel at premises for future requirement.

Save Money

No more fuel theft during the transport, Reduce your losses.

Avoid Emergencies

No more rush to fuel station in last minute to fetch fuel. Just a phone call or few taps on app/web, And fuel is delivered right to you in no time ! You can also pre-book your frequent requirements.

Our Clients


1What is Book My Diesel?
Book MY Diesel is an online platform to provide doorstep delivery of diesel for your generator (DG sets) / cars in a safe, reliable and efficient way. You can place order online and fuel will be delivered to your location in specialized Refuellers (Book MY DIesel Tankers) according to your schedule. So you don’t need to look for “Petrol Pump Stations near me” to refuel your cars and DG sets. We are making refueling smarter!
2Which areas are being serviced by Book My Diesel right now?
We currently serve in select locations in Ahmedabad, Gandhinagar and it's adjoining areas We will get your requirement and will do our best to start service in your area ASAP. You can always write/call us for emergency delivery, we will go an extra mile to make sure you have fuel when you need it the most.
3What are Book My Diesel’s hours of operation?
We currently deliver from 6 am through 8 pm and are planning on expanding this service to 24/7 model.
4What are the delivery charges?
Fuel is delivered at the same cost as available at your nearest fuel station plus a nominal delivery charge. For further details click here.
5Where does Book My Diesel source its fuel from?
Book My Diesel sources fuel from our own petrol pump which is located at Manav Mandir, drive in road, Ahmedabad. We follow a strict quality assurance program to ensure every drop of fuel is checked for quality before it gets loaded into our Refuellers for delivery. We do not purchase or stock fuel prior to delivery, Fuel is sourced only upon receiving the orders from customers.
6Is there a cancellation charge on Book My Diesel order?
No, as long as a delivery Refueller has not been disptached to you. If you need to cancel an order, we recommend doing so before the start of your delivery.
7What are the payment options available?
We accept payment using Cheque, NEFT, POS machine, Online Bank transfer, Digital wallet and cash at the time of delivery. If you prefer to pay via POS machine by swiping card, we recommend you to check with your bank before paying if they levy surcharges on your card. If there is any surcharge by bank, it will be borne by you.
8Is Doorstep refuelling a dangerous new concept?
Doorstep refueling is neither dangerous nor a new concept. Let’s compare it with more hazardous gas fuel. Over 18 million metric tonnes of LPG is consumed in India which is delivered to households every year. While LPG is a pressurized gas and has the risk of a BLEVE (Boiling Liquid Expanding Vapor Explosion), it is safely delivered to homes by more than thousands of small trucks that carry 2,000 to 20,000 liters of LPG. LPG is also being delivered to many consumers in metro cities through piped connection all the way into the consumer’s Kitchen. In comparison we carry the delivery of liquid fuel in small tanks of less than 1,000L capacities. Diesel and Petrol are not pressurized and are much safer to transport, especially in small quantities. Our Operators are IRTE trained along with extensive training on safe handling of fuel. Our Refuellers are designed & fabricated as per guidelines in Petroleum Act and Rules by PESO (Petroleum & Explosive Safety Organization of India) approved fabricator. Additionally, they are equipped with spill containment kits, fire extinguishers & first aid to ensure complete compliance and safety of people and environment. Doorstep delivery of fuel has already been implemented in countries like USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.
9Is Doorstep delivery of Diesel and Petrol safe?
Doorstep delivery of Fuel like diesel/ petrol is absolutely safe. Let’s think about it, when you go to a petrol pump for filling your car, you expose yourself to a place where tens of thousands of Petrol and Diesel is stored in decades old underground tanks. At Petrol pump, you also see tens of vehicles get filled simultaneously causing the constant presence of inflammable vapour in large quantity. You also see several vehicles keep their engine running while waiting to fill, together creating a potential hazard for fire. Now imagine a vehicle carrying few hundreds of litres of fuels in airtight containers coming to deliver at your doorsteps. First, such small amount of fuel dispensed to your equipment reduces the vapour generation or accumulation to practically zero. Second, there are no potential fire source to cause ignition. These factors together nullify the possibility of any fire during doorstep delivery by us.
10Is there a risk of fire from static electricity and other sources during delivery?
Virtually impossible! Diesel does not burn even in open fire at standard temperature & pressure conditions. For diesel to catch fire, it requires temperature in excess of 52 degree Celsius AND compressed air AND accumulated vapour in certain quantity AND 90/10 mixing ratio of air with vapour AND a source of ignition. Probability of these conditions to occur at the same time and create fire during delivery of diesel fuel is virtually zero. Please contact us if you need any additional information on the safety aspects of our business and we will be happy to share factual details.
11Is there a risk of equipment exploding while refueling?
No. 5,00,000+ accidents happen in India per year from more than 200 million vehicles on the road. Fire accidents or vehicle explosions during transportation of fuel is so low that there are no statistics available. Liquid fuel vehicles do not explode like they do in the movies! In case of Diesel, which not only requires mixture with air but also compression to over 250 degrees Celsius to achieve auto ignition temperature, reduces the possibility of fire or explosion to zero.
12Is Book My Diesel better for the environment?
Yes. Imagine 10 neighbours driving back and forth to a fuel station to purchase fuels for their equipment or car. Our one Refueller could refuel all 10 of these equipments or cars in a single trip. Think of the number of trips and fuel we can save that helps environment.
13Can I schedule my future requirement of fuel instead ordering when I need?
Yes. While placing an order you can create a schedule based on fuelling needs of your equipment or car.

Director's Message

Hello Friends and business associates,
Thanks for all your support and coordination for these years with M/S Shree Krishna Petroleum. IN this changing scenario of providing high quality service, genuine quantity and quality we always strive to look forward for serving you in the most authentic way today and always. "BOOK MY DIESEL" is an effort to provide you diesel for your professional requirement at your premises with assurance of quality and quantity standards in most efficient and transparent way.

We're in Ahmedabad,
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A well-maintained, modern fleet of mini fueller allows us to provide onsite fuel delivery to customers throughout a service area encompassing parts of Ahmedabad, Gandhinagar & Sanand.

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